At FHS Advisory, we recognise research as a basis for advocacy, informed decisions. Giving the dearth of information on food systems in Africa, our research services are intended to fill the knowledge gap and drive innovation. Our work is holistic and addresses multilateral factors that influence the African food system.

We employ qualitative and quantitative research methods, we adapt to the complexity of local environments and translate complexity into actionable recommendations. We are committed to high-quality data built on reliable information and evidence. These resource materials serve as tools for advocacy, decision making and policy.

Our consultants provide technical assistance to governments, international organisations, and corporations seeking to understand the African food system and develop new implementable strategies. Our publications and resource materials are accessible and will serve as tools for advocacy, decision making and policy.

Our research expertise can be employed in:
Case Studies
Community Level Engagement
Capacity Building
Food Policy and Compliance documentation
Implementation and management of food and agro-processing projects
Monitoring and Evaluation
Impact Assessment